360-750 nm 사이의 하이퍼스펙트럴 감쇠 및 투과율 측정을 위한 VIS 광도계

VIS photometer for measurements of hyperspectral attenuation and transmission between 360-750 nm.


VIPER measures hyperspectral attenuation and transmission coefficients in the wavelength range of 360 nm and 750 nm, enabling detailed determination of multiple parameters at the same time. The light source is provided by 5 selected, energy-saving LEDs that Warranty a long service life and stable measurement data. VIPER can be used in different media as it is available in multiple path lengths, both in stainless steel or titanium housing.

Typical applications for VIPER are water quality monitoring, color measurements of aqueous solutions or quality monitoring of drinking water. Like all ​TriOS sensors, VIPER is equipped with a nano-coated optical window that protects from fouling. Additional parameters can be installed by means of software if necessary at a later time.