0.8nm / pixel의 해상도로 질소 및 탄소의 온라인 측정을위한 UV 분광 센서

UV spectral sensor for the online measurement of nitrogens and carbons with a resolution of 0.8 nm/pixel


OPUS is the new generation of spectral sensors for online measurement of nitrogen and carbon compounds. Through the analysis of a full spectrum, OPUS is able to deliver reliable readings for NO3-N, NO2-N, organic ingredients (CODeq, BODeq, DOCeq, TOCeq), and a number of other parameters.

OPUS features the new TriOS G2 interface, allowing fast and easy configuration of sensors by using a web browser. Integration into existing process control systems and external data loggers has never been easier.

With the optional battery pack, mobile applications are also feasible. WiFi connectivity allows laptops, tablets or smartphones to be easily used for control without any special application software or app installation.