LISA color

고정밀 SAC 및 색상 측정을 위한 최첨단 VIS 흡수광도계 통합 LED기술은 긴 제품 수명을 보장합니다.

State-of-the-art VIS absorption photometer for highly precise SAC and colour measurements. The integrated LED-Technology ensures a long product lifetime.


Colorimetry – LISA enables reliable low-cost color measurements. LISA color uses two different LEDs for long-term stable measurements of SAC or colors at different wavelengths. The second channel is used for turbidity/background correction. The cutting-edge device platform, used in all other TriOS photometers, enables optical path lengths of 50, 100, 150 and 250 mm, so that almost any application can be easily implemented.

LISA color also enables applications in aggressive media (e.g. high chloride concentrations) thanks to the optional titanium housing.
Equipped with our G2 interface with web browser configuration, internal data logger, flexible protocols and data outputs, LISA color includes features that are much more advanced than those of comparable devices currently available on the market.

The unified platform of all TriOS photometers also facilitates a standardized spare parts and consumables system, which allows the use of a wide range of accessories for our devices. Furthermore the cutting-edge G2 interface enables quick integration into third-party systems.